Artistic Director – Director

Kent Cultural Celebration


Olympic Legacy Concert


Les Miserables School Edition


Miss Saigon School Edition

Various venues in Kent (2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016).
Featuring the most talented young singers, dancers and musicians from the whole of Kent

University of Kent in Canterbury (2012).
Celebrating Kent Olympians – past, present and future.

Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury (2010)
Sandwich Technology School

Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury (2013)
Sandwich Technology School

Les Miserables

Reviews included


” The Sandwich Technology production of Les Miserables is by far the best I have seen.”

“One of the most fantastic performances I have ever witnessed.”

“The production was mindblowing.”


” ‘Les Miserables’ at the Gulbenkian … was, without equivocation, spectacular … a genuinely moving experience. To discover after the performance
that the cast had no previous experience, that some were initially reluctant to participate for fear of ridicule or worse from their fellow pupils, and some with low self esteem astonished to even be asked, made the occasion even more memorable. It was truly humbling.”

Brenda Blethyn, Actress

“Josephine is a heroine. She has done amazing things with underprivileged and challenged teenagers, giving them new hopes and dreams. She goes into schools and takes kids with no hopes and transforms their lives by directing them in musicals and plays. She gives them a place to go, a community to become involved with, a sense of self-respect and she discovers great talent.”

Catherine Schreiber, Producer Scottsboro Boys